CirrusPoint Solutions - From the Cloud - a Complete Service-Oriented View of IT and Operations - Dashboards, Reports, Performance Analytics, Business Impact Analytics, Health and Availability.
ServiceDashboard . . .
..for the Service-Oriented Operation.
Anyone can consolidate data and make it look cool. The service-oriented operation today needs Intelligent Automation, Cross-Domain Correlation, and Business Context. ServiceDashboard provides IT Operations quick and easy access to view deviations in service level risk and business impact. It also measures the operational quality of service across operations and improves response and remediation. Track overall health and availability of services across ALL assets from a single screen or through automated reports. Get Access!
Don’t wait for it to break! Dashboards and Automated Reports - delivered to your mobile device or inbox. Reports are scheduled or sent upon anomalies, impact, or risk. Preventative Analytics allows various teams to stay informed of any negative changes to the optimal service level for their line of business. Understand the service impact from anywhere. Receive reliable alerts and notifications on the root-cause of performance issues, outages, and reduced redundancy across the hybrid environment. Get your reports now!! Get Informed!
Service Assurance.. Simplified! Ready-to-use, real-time analytics and historical trends on the health and availability of services, applications, sites, internet-enabled devices, etc. CirrusPoint offers the ultimate and complete platform for the proactive organization. Understand how well you are servicing customers and see what areas across ALL sources are impacting SLA’s and performance. ServiceDashboard is fully integrated with ServiceNow to 'automate' Root-Cause Analysis and improve the reliability of reporting. CirrusPoint unifies data at all layers of business. Finally a solution that can provide real value! Connect!
Improve operational effectiveness
with Actionable Data!
The next generation of fault management is here. Enhance investments in current ITSM tools and data sources to become more proactive at reducing customer issues, tickets, and calls. Unify data across all tiers with ready to use dashboards and reports aligned to each user. CirrusPoint provides the missing intelligence needed to automate and improve the accuracy and trust behind data. Operationalize!
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Operationalize your architecture across the hybrid environment.

.. prevent business impact and improve customer experience across any service or device... anywhere.

... and manage SLA's more accurately for internal sources and cloud providers.


    The Intended Audience

    CirrusPoint is for organizations looking to become more proactive within their environment and keep the business functions online and at peak performance. If you have too much data, too many tools, and you don’t know what to do with it all - CirrusPoint can help! ..we make data actionable! What also makes ServiceDashboard an effective solution is the wide-scale usability across all business and IT functions. The solution is for organizations looking to align performance and fault data to a simplified consumption model for the business, IT, and Operations. Options for PaaS, OnPrem, or RemoteAdmin.


    Justify the Value

    Investments can run deep in operational tools, data lakes, cloud offerings, and infrastructure. CirrusPoint can help you achieve value from all of those investments by using the data more effectively to predict and prevent service impacting issues across IT silos. The ServiceDashboard solution offers valuable insights and supports better decisions around technology spend and operational support. More importantly, the value of the solution is recognized most by your customers through improved levels of service and better response from support. CirrusPoint is available as a managed service.


    The Results

    The results are real and you don’t have to wait several months for them. Unlike other tools, the CirrusPoint solution is not complex. It is quick and easy to use and simplifies orchestration efforts across IT and business operations. Trends on ‘service health’ allow organizations to go beyond the CPU chart, and the executive teams finally get the reports they've been asking for... and they are on-time! The results from having cross-domain visibility creates proactive collaboration across the enterprise and a prevention-oriented culture overall. Experience the results!


    The Differentiator

    CirrusPoint is helping organizations simplify visibility into infrastructure, applications, and the hybrid environments of today. Anyone can collect data, but CirrusPoint differs by what we do with that data and how is effectively used across many layers of the organization in a short timeframe. CirrusPoint provides the missing AI and business context needed today in IT for that true end-to-end perspective. ServiceDashboard also offers an exceptional end user experience that doesn’t require an engineering degree to effectively use. The Reports are also a major differentiator.