CirrusPoint Solutions - a proactive approach to operational effectiveness.


CirrusPoint Solutions was established as a result of industry experts coming together to solve operational challenges and to enhance enterprise visibility through cross-domain monitoring and reporting while connecting the business to the technology in this hybrid state of legacy and cloud-based environments we live in today. Our purpose and cause at CirrusPoint is to help companies evolve to a proactive state when it comes to keeping the environment online, running healthy, and producing seamless access for customers to reliable service across (network, virtual, cloud, voice, storage, application resources, etc.).

The CirrusPoint team has deep-rooted experience in operational strategy and enterprise architecture which has been put into action in some of the most complex settings over the past two decades. CirrusPoint has taken the many years of experience and knowledge gained from our visionaries and experts and created highly consumable dashboards and reports that extend across all aspects of the business and the hybrid envrionment. CirrusPoint has focused on what's needed for a solution to be effective: ease of use, short timeframes, reliable results, and a managed service option.

The solutions and services provided by CirrusPoint help organizations solve long-standing challenges and objectives within IT, Operations, and Service Management. The ServiceDashboard solution provides the automated controls to tell you what you have and it leverages data from many existing sources such as fault, ticketing, and polling to provide the most functional view for operations and business leaders. CirrusPoint also supplements and fills many technology gaps while updating and replacing less effective solutions. CirrusPoint can be considered a hidden gem in the industry, but offers an enterprise grade solution with better capability and cost along with the ability to have monitoring and reporting as a service. The solution is aligned to the most common organizational strategies and business requirements that exist in modern IT and is being used in the global Fortune 100.

The CirrusPoint Approach

At CirrusPoint we take a customer-oriented, service-driven approach to understanding and solving key challenges. The CirrusPoint approach offers long-term sustainable results and a solution that everyone can benefit from even through organizational change. CirrusPoint offers the simplified approach instead of a complex big data project that never ends. CirrusPoint solutions are highly scalable and we welcome any environment of any size to see what transformation feels like and how organizational culture can actually improve by using our solution.

There are some key aspects representing the CirrusPoint interaction with customers and partners:

  • Strategy

    Our strategy is collaborative. We consider our clients goals, objectives, and timeframes in-line with roadmaps and we deliver the expected results.

  • Committment

    We commit to a succesful outcome and being available and accessible to our clients when they need us.

  • Credibility

    The foundation for joint success is based on creditability and our clients ability to show major gains - effectively and efficiently.

  • Integrity

    We work with passion and integrity and realize the shared benefit of providing excellent service and having enabled resources.

An Important Message from the Founder

Hello and thank you for visiting CirrusPoint on the web. We have tried to keep our website straightforward and to the point. CirrusPoint does not publish our secrets and intellectual property on the internet, however there's an important message for anyone in IT, Operations, or senior management that we would like to provide. If you have taken the time to read this, then perhaps you have a chance to catapult business to a new level of efficiency in 2017 and reverse the current trends that produce what we consider the reactive, "break-fix" environment which is common today across the industry.

You may not even notice, but there is currently a cyclical trend taking place and a reversal happing in the industry that might be disturbing once you recognize it regarding your overall enterprise strategy for enterprise monitoring, reporting, and service management. Repeating the same mistakes of the past when it comes to tools and solutions can be damaging to brand reputation and will contribute to the diminishing roles across organizations over the next several years if we don't properly orchestrate our solutions and silo's together.

The unfortunate reality is that we seem to be going 30 years back in time with the approaches to buying solutions for service delivery and trying to keep all assets online and available, regardless of where they are. The common approach is to wait for something to break, then monitor it with a tool, consolidate the events, and then open a ticket. In the past we'd rely on tools like Sitescope, Patrol, and Nagios for instrumentation, and consolidate events to OpenView, Spectrum, or Tivoli, and then open a ticket in Remedy or ServiceDesk.

Fast forward ahead and now we see sources like Splunk, AppDynamics, OpenStack, ServiceNow; and a whole slew of products trying to be the centralized consolidation point for IT. In many cases we have dropped some of the automated intelligence we got from our past tools and discovery sources and now just dumping data into a lake or our ticketing systems - which seems to now represent the glorified trap and logfile consolidation point for some. Anyone can collect and consolidate data, but we must go well beyond that for real success. To top that off we have gone back to pushing the analysis and problem resolution down to our users and less qualified staff in remote locations.

The real problem is that nothing has really changed. The whole process is reactive - we wait for something to break, then we 'collect', 'consolidate', and 'ticket'. The only thing that has changed are the tools we use to do it with and where that software might be running (i.e. in the cloud).

This cycle of reactive "break-fix" will continue forever until we acknowledge this cyclical trend and decide to do something about it. This would include having the right level of "cross-domain orchestration" a presentation layer that 'everyone' can be in sync with, and the right resources behind it. Today we spend too much time "collecting" data. Then we consolidate all that data into a bucket, a CMDB, or a data lake and then then we celebrate with a cake, while the operations teams sits there and tries to figure out what to do with all of it. Maybe they should open another ticket?! Haaaa.

We can have that cake and eat it too, but how about a piece for operations teams, the business leaders, and for our customers in the coming months? Where is their piece of the pie? CirrusPoint is providing it, along with the essential automated intelligence that's missing today in presenting the big picture and having a complete solution.

Let's not also forget that during this whole process, senior level leaders are asking for visibility, reports, mobile access, etc. because their jobs depend on knowing what's going on. What's provided today is typically several myopically disconnected views that are only partially true and completely based on reactive output such as tickets and faults. Even more painful is how long executive teams have to wait for valuable insights and reports.

To survive in IT today we need to know how the services we support are performing at multiple layers and along the way. Orchestration across IT and Service Management includes things like automated discovery, abstraction models, automated analysis, and visualization. These exist in the industry, but only in small numbers and there is a huge gap between what is great and what is average along with what can be extended into the cloud space such as Azure or AWS. These are also the pieces that are NOT easily understood so they often get overlooked during the sales process by management teams who are just focused on data 'consolidation' or data 'collection'. Hence the incomplete picture across silo's.

In the industry today, we believe that following from behind and using solutions that the vast majority have already discovered is not "innovative". With all the tools on the market, it's typically easier to follow the herd, but what you are missing is the realization that solutions like CirrusPoint are often the ones that quietly advance your competitors initiatives at a much faster pace than yours. If you would like to identify some of the secret in building the most effective ITSM architecture - there are people in the industry who know how and can help and they are not the standard vendors you would expect. For that experience, the action is left to you to make contact with CirrusPoint. Wiki defines "innovation" as having the will to look at something new. If you have the will to break away for a minute to at least investigate, then you are being innovative.

There will be plenty of reasons to celebrate in 2017. We hope you find as many as you can.

All the best to you from CirrusPoint !

CirrusPoint provides a non-disrupted layer of visibility over all other solutions currently in place to convert 'reactive' to 'proactive' and reduce incidents.

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