CirrusPoint Solutions - Business Impact Analysis, Root-Cause Analysis, Orchestration for Monitoring, Reporting, Preformance Management, and Service Level Analytics.
ServiceDashboard . . The Prevention Platform
Become Proactive!
Business today needs to operate with intelligent automation and have a cross-domain perspective of business impact. CirrusPoint provide technology and business leaders simplified access to real-time/root-cause deviations in service level risk and performance. Track overall health and availability of services across ALL assets from a single screen or through automated reports and mobile notifications. Get Access!
Become More Preventative! Dashboards and Automated Reports - delivered to your device or inbox. Know immediately when anomalies are detected across network/security or when performance impact is detected across customer service offerings. Analytics for IT and Operations allows various teams to stay informed when there are active and negative changes to service levels and to the optimal state of business services and applications. Understand the service impact and root-cause from anywhere, at any time. Receive reliable notifications and automated reports when security risk and performance issues are detected across the hybrid environment. Become better informed!!! Get Informed!
Service Assurance.. Simplified! Ready-to-use, real-time analytics along with critical insight into the trends on the health and availability of business services, infrastructure, applications, corporate sites, and internet-enabled devices, etc. CirrusPoint offers a platform for facilitating interaction across all layers in order to enable a proactive culture. Understand how well you are servicing customers and what areas across ALL of IT and service providers are impacting SLA’s and performance. ServiceDashboard is pre-integrated with most tools and sources of data along with the common service desk platforms to 'automate' Root-Cause Analysis prior to incidents and improve the integrity of service reporting. CirrusPoint unifies data at all layers!. Connect!
Improve Operations
with Actionable Data!
And improve business decisions across IT. End-to-End Visibility has finally arrived. Enhance investments in current ITSM tools and data sources to become more proactive at reducing customer incidents. Unify data across all tiers with ready to use dashboards and reports for all users. CirrusPoint provides the missing intelligence needed to automate and improve the reliability and accuracy behind your data and operational response. Operationalize!
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Operationalize your architecture across the hybrid environment.

.. prevent business impact and improve customer experience across any service or device... anywhere.

... and manage SLA's more accurately on internal sources and external providers.


    The Intended Audience

    CirrusPoint is for organizations looking to become more proactive and preventative within their environment in keeping business functions online and at peak performance. ServiceDashboard is used across the entire business including IT and in Operations.


    Organizational leaders use it to see what’s going on and what might be impacted across dependent services, applications, and cloud assets. The rest of the organization uses ServiceDashboard to facilitate interaction and for preventing and fixing anomalies and deviations in performance and service delivery.


    If you have too much data, too many tools, and you don’t know what to do with it all - CirrusPoint can help. ..we make data actionable and the enterprise architecture more cost effective!


    Justify the Value

    Investments run deep in monitoring tools, ITSM platforms, data lakes, cloud offerings, and infrastructure. CirrusPoint can help you achieve value from all of those by using the data more effectively to predict and prevent service impact.


    The ServiceDashboard solution offers valuable insights and supports better decisions around technology spend, performance reporting, capacity planning, and the response and service you get from outsourced operations. More importantly, the value of the solution is recognized most by your customers through improved service levels and faster response.


    CirrusPoint is available as a managed service or on-prem solution and proven across large global networks.


    The Results

    The results are real and you don’t have to wait several months to experience it. Unlike other tools, the CirrusPoint solution is a simplified layer that quick to deploy and easy to use so you can begine reporting on business this quarter.


    Trends on ‘service health’ allow organizations to go beyond CPU charts to know the cross-domain impact, accountability, and risk within and across lines of business. The executive teams finally get the reports they've been asking for... and they are on-time and accurate! The results from having an orchestrated layer of visibility leads to more proactive collaboration across the enterprise.


    ServiceDashboard can be run in parallel and on top of legacy architectures so you can experience the true value and results, in production!


    The Differentiator

    CirrusPoint is helping organizations simplify visibility into infrastructure, applications, and cloud services. Anyone can collect and store data, but CirrusPoint differs by what we do with that all data and all those events from disparate tools to make operations more effective and enterprise data more widely used across layers of the business (for preventative means).


    CirrusPoint provides the missing AI and business level correlation across IT which is essential for producing reliable and trustworthy dashboards and reports with actionable meaning. ServiceDashboard also offers an exceptional end user experience that doesn’t require an engineering degree to use.


    It's time to make better decisions by having a holistic view of what's going on across your business. Contact CirrusPoint Today!