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CirrusPoint Solutions helps organizations solve some of the most pressing IT and operational challenges while enhancing visibility across the enterprise. This includes evolving to a more proactive state when it comes to keeping the environment online and running healthy, all while leveraging the mounds of data produced to create reliable and trustworthy reports for executive stakeholders and end-users. CirrusPoint enables an organization with a true centralized perspective of the active risk and performance impact across all dependent services collectively including network, virtual, cloud, voice, storage, applications, security, IoT, devOps, and beyond.

CirrusPoint has deep-rooted skills and experience with operational strategy and enterprise architecture which has been leveraged in some of the most complex corporate settings over the past three decades. CirrusPoint has compiled many years of experience and knowledge into creating ServiceDashboard, a highly consumable (and a ready-to-use) dashboard and reporting solution that extends across all aspects of technology. This includes real-time anomaly detection and automated notifications to mobile devices on the root-cause of business impact. CirrusPoint focuses on what's needed most for users to be effective which includes: easy-to-use software, fast deployments, and proven scalability for the large enterprise and service provider.

CirrusPoint is helping organizations better leverage and integrate their existing investments in monitoring and service delivery tools to provide a more functional consumption model for data and analytics regardless of vendor solutions and technology alliances in place. CirrusPoint also fills many of the underlying technology gaps in monitoring while providing a more accurate approach to service level reporting (SLA's) and impact analysis across the hybrid environment. The solution is aligned to the most common organizational challenges that exist in IT today and is currently being used globally across Fortune 500 companies.

The CirrusPoint Approach

CirrusPoint uses a customer-focused approach and offers long-term and sustainable results and outcomes that multiple parts of the organization benefit from.

A few key aspects represent our approach to servicing customers:

  • Strategy

    The CirrusPoint approach is collaborative. We consider our clients goals, objectives, and we deliver the expected results.

  • Committment

    We commit to succesful outcomes, both short and long term as well as being available and easily accessible to our clients.

  • Credibility

    A foundation for joint success is based on our clients ability to show measurable results, gain acceptance, and provide quick-wins.

  • Integrity

    We work with passion and integrity and realize the shared benefit of providing excellent service, usable solutions, and enabled resources.

An Important Message from the Founder

Hello and thank you for visiting CirrusPoint on the web. We are focused on keeping our website straightforward and to the point. CirrusPoint does not publish our trade secrets and intellectual property on the web, however we make it easy for even the largest enterprise to experience the value of what we do. Please sign up for a demo, one of our webinars, or contact us to discuss your current objectives.

There's an active opportunity in front of you to improve the organizational culture at your company while embracing (more seamlessly) all the changes that comes with technology and transformation today. The cloud, offshoring, devops, etc., has added so much complexity and has impacted the way we collaborate across the enterprise.

As organizations transform, the challenge remains present that we don't repeat the same mistakes of the past in building the enterprise architecture. Making decisions without having a plan to orchestrate and automate, regardless of whether on-prem or in the cloud, will only contribute to the diminishing roles across IT. It's necessary for organizations today to apply the right approaches and have the right mechanisms to facilitate interaction and collaboration across all the many divisions of business during these times of transformation. If enabled, this will lead to a more positive and proactive culture.

To learn more about how to evolve your architecture and automate effectively in todays disparate world of technology, CirrusPoint recommends checking out the recent Forrester Vendor Landscape report released and titled "Cognitive Operations: The AI Version of IT Operations Management and Application Performance Management" which featured CirrusPoint. There's also a recorded webinar on the topic that you can register and view from on our homepage.

If you would like some help in building the most effective service management architecture or accessing your strategy, CirrusPoint can help you plan and execute it with tangible results. Let the call-to-action be yours, and your spirit to innovate be open-minded and courageous. Experience a better outcome and contact CirrusPoint today.

Thanks for visiting CirrusPoint and all the best with your goals and objectives.

To find out how your organization can benefit, you can contact CirrusPoint by sending an email to

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