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CirrusPoint Solutions was established as a result of industry experts coming together to solve the most pressing operational challenges and to enhance visibility across the enterprise regardless of the vendor solutions or technology alliances in place. CirrusPoint connects the business with technology and provides a very accurate approach to service level reporting and impact analysis across the hybrid environment. The CirrusPoint cause is to help enterprise organizations evolve to a more proactive state when it comes to keeping the environment online, running healthy, and producing reliable data and reports for customers across all dependent services (network, virtual, cloud, voice, storage, applications, security, devOps, etc.).

CirrusPoint has deep-rooted experience in operational strategy and enterprise architecture that has been leveraged in some of the most complex corporate settings over the past two decades. CirrusPoint has taken the many years of experience and knowledge and created a highly consumable (and ready to use) dashboard and reporting solution that extends across all aspects of technology today. CirrusPoint focuses on what's needed most to be effective: ease of use, short and simplified deployments, great value, and proven results.

CirrusPoint believes in helping organizations better leverage their existing investments in service delivery tools to provide a more functional consumption model for data across multiple sources. CirrusPoint also fills many of the technology gaps while updating the current architecture to be more integrated. The solution is aligned to the most common organizational challenges that exist in IT today and is being used in the global Fortune 100.

The CirrusPoint Approach

The CirrusPoint approach is a customer-focused approach that offers long-term and sustainable results that everyone can benefit from.

There are some key aspects representing the CirrusPoint approach:

  • Strategy

    Our strategy is collaborative. We consider our clients goals, objectives, and timeframes in-line with roadmaps - and we deliver the expected results.

  • Committment

    We commit to a succesful outcome, both short and long term as well as being available/accessible to our clients when needed.

  • Credibility

    The foundation for joint success is based on creditability and our clients ability to show major gains, successes, and quick-wins.

  • Integrity

    We work with passion and integrity and realize the shared benefit of providing excellent service, solutions, and highly enabled resources.

An Important Message from the Founder

Hello and thank you for visiting CirrusPoint on the web. We are focused on keeping our website straightforward and to the point. CirrusPoint does not publish our secrets and intellectual property on the internet, however we make it easy for even the largest enterprise to experience the value. We hope you sign up for a demo, one of our webinars, or register to check it out. If you have taken the time to read this, then you have a chance to catapult your business of IT to a new level this year and reverse the current trends that produce the common and reactive "break-fix" mode of operating.

As organizations transform and take on new initiatives across IT, DevOps, and the cloud, the challenge remains in not repeating the same mistakes in building the enterprise architecture. Selecting tools and solutions without a plan to properly orchestrate will contribute to the diminishing roles across IT. It's necessary for organizations to apply the proper mechanisms to facilitate interaction and collaboration across the many divisions of IT in effort to enable a proactive and positive culture.

The common approach in IT is to wait for something to break, monitor it with a tool, gather events, and then open some tickets. Instrumentation sources have matured, but many are still originated from a specific IT domain and lack the proper cross-domain analysis needed for root-cause detection and identifying business impact.

Today we see many of these sources trying to be the centralized consolidation point for everything IT. The overall success rates will increase only marginally unless automated intelligence "AI" is put into the equation for analyzing data (lots of it and fast) prior to dumping into a data lake or a ticketing system CMDB. There's a more appropriate place to consolidate uncorrelated symptoms reported from log files, traps, or machine data. Real success and true cost savings are recognized not by how you collect data and how much, but by what you do with it all and how you automate and make it easy to consume.

The real problem today is that nothing has really changed across IT. At least not with the operational process which remains reactive as ever. We are still waiting until after the customer calls and their experience has degraded. We then 'collect', 'consolidate', and 'create incidents'. The only thing that has really changed are the tools we use to do it with and where that software might be running (i.e. in the cloud).

This cycle of reactive response will continue forever, even in the hyper-converged and virtualized world until we acknowledge and reverse the trends that impact us operationally. This would include having the right approach to correlation and orchestration across IT and a simplified presentation layer that 'everyone' can be in sync with.

CirrusPoint provides the missing and essential automated intelligence needed to provide accurate and reliable status of the business impact (end-to-end!).

Also important is the visibility and "reports" that business leaders are asking for and the mobile access to it because their roles depend on accurate information right away. What's provided today is typically several myopically disconnected views that are based on reactive output such as tickets and faults. They don't accurately represent holistic and real-time perspective on "business impact" or tell you what's coming, and rarely is the data or report ever delivered on time.

To survive in IT today we need to know how the services we support are performing at multiple layers. "Orchestration" across IT and Service Management includes things like automated discovery, abstraction models for correlation, automated root-cause analysis, and meaningful visualization. These all exist today in the industry but there is a huge gap between what is great and what is just average... and what can be extended across the hybrid environment. Overlooking these and just focusing on data 'consolidation' or data 'collection' alone, creates that incomplete picture and limits success.

To learn more about this space and key concepts for DevOps, APM, and IT Automation, CirrusPoint recommends checking out the recent Forrester Vendor Landscape report released and titled "Cognitive Operations: The AI Version of IT Operations Management and Application Performance Management" which featured CirrusPoint and some of these points.

If you would like some help in building an most effective service management architecture or help accessing your strategy, there are people in the industry who can help and know how to do it with tangible results - they are just not always from the standard vendors you would expect. The call-to-action is yours. Experience a better outcome and contact CirrusPoint today.

Thanks for visiting CirrusPoint and all the best with your goals and objectives.

CirrusPoint provides a non-disrupted layer of visibility that runs in parallel and on top of existing solutions in place in order to convert 'reactive' to 'proactive' and reduce the number of incidents that impact business.

To find out how your organization can benefit or to see the solution in action, contact CirrusPoint by sending an email to or visit the contact page. contact us

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