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Manage Change Effectively

Requests for changes are never-ending and often come with enough process to make anyone think twice about even making a request for change.   We have to change though in order to avoid a decelerating business and a support model that can’t keep up with even the smallest requests.   There are some large enterprise organizations that are already at the slowest pace and getting access to resources is often a lost cause.

It doesn’t have to be that way and a little extra visibility and some shared transparency can help create a major shift towards a more engaged and collaborative environment.   One of the biggest challenges we have when making changes across IT is the ability to put our lines of business and appropriate staff (including ourselves) at ease when making changes that could create some major impact.

What’s the impact of change?   Who might be impacted?

That’s often the hardest thing to identify when upgrading infrastructure or making changes to an application.  It typically requires an understanding of relationships between business lines and all the backend assets and how they communicate internally and across the cloud.   This requires an understanding of transactional data and how assets are leveraged by various resources who are dependent on peak performance and high availability.

CirrusPoint has created a platform to simplify the process of getting answers to “what might be impacted?” prior to change.   The real secret in building a proactive culture is by creating a shared sense of accountability over the organizations status and business impact.

Contact CirrusPoint to learn more about how to be more automated and effective with Change Management and Business Impact Analysis.

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